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The Bharat Bandh, organised by the Congress party along with 21 other supporting parties, to protest a hike in fuel prices and a fall in the value of the rupee, has evoked mixed reactions.  The bandh was a big success even in many BJP-ruled states including Arunachal Pradesh. While the politics of protest would continue, especially in view of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the real point that needs to be pondered on is which way the Indian economy itself is heading? What we are witnessing today in terms of unabated hikes in fuel prices and a fall in the rupee's value shows how India is unable to resist the cascading effect of changes in the global economy. It is clear that while the political parties are trying to score points over each other, the real issue is being neglected.
The core issue is that we have failed to create a swadeshi model of our economy which  the RSS has been advocating. There is a distinct section of economists which has been a votary of developing an Indian model of economic development and growth. But what successive governments have been doing is trying to find western solutions for India's economic problems. This has been hurting the Indian economy  and this has opened us to all the vulnerabilities of the global economy, or so it seems.
It is time to look at developing an economy which is not driven by the western paradigm of 'consumption'-driven models. It is time to develop a model which moves the Indian economy away from 'consumption' and towards a more sustainable development pattern. Also, while the Indian economy may remain integrated with the global economy, it needs to retain its resilience. The NDA government though has given indications by cracking down on foreign consultants in the government and replacing economists with a strong western bent of mind with those whose thought process is more rooted in an Indian ecosystem but, alas, failed to deliver because there is no Indian model to show the world.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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