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    Papum Pare conducts meeting on boundary dispute

    Yupia, Jul 19 : A meeting of the newly inducted members of the Regional Border Dispute Committee for Papum Pare was held to evaluate the ground work done by the previous border committee and assess the current conditions and to formulate strategies to solve the border issues between Assam and Arunachal amicably here in the ZPC Conference Hall, Yupia on Friday.
    The newly inducted members include Land Management Minister Balo Raja as Chairman and 14 Doimukh MLA Nabam Vivek, Rajya Sabha MP Nabam Rebia , Papum Pare DC Jiken Bomjen and SP  Taru Gusar as members.
    Addressing the administrative officers, MLA Nabam Vivek, while highlighting the significance of understanding on the ground conditions to address border related challenges said that “Accurate and up to date information is vital for informed decision – making. By assessing the ground realities, we can develop targeted solutions that address area specific causes of border issues.”
    He further asked all the administrative officers to complete a reviewed field assessments of the border areas by the end of…

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