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June 18 will go down as a historic day for the Northeast as 19 cancer centres were inaugurated in neighbouring Assam today. Being the gateway of the NE; sister states have been largely dependent on Assam for advanced healthcare and frankly any positive development here is definitely good news for its neighbours especially Arunachal. These cancer centres which will become functional by mid 2020 will bring a new dimension to healthcare in the region especially concerning a complex disease such as cancer.

Arunachal is facing a high cancer burden as a result of the wide disparity in diagnosis and treatment of cancers.  Lack of awareness, socio-economic conditions and difficulty to access the facilities for cancer diagnosis and treatment is compounding the trauma and pain of the patients.

Data suggests that Arunachal Pradesh has the highest number of liver cancer patients in the country and the second highest stomach cancer cases in the world after China, however it does not have any cancer treatment facility. Those who can afford it either go to the Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai or B. Borooah Cancer Institute (BBCI) in Guwahati for treatment while many poor patients die of cancer without any medical intervention.

As affordability of cancer care remains a major challenge not just in the North East but in India, the problem in Arunachal is even more pronounced. Such is the plight of cancer patients who while fighting a grave disease also have to bear the ordeal of travelling far from the comforts of home and camp in pitiable accommodations to receive treatment. The sad state of the Arunachal Bhawan in Mumbai which houses majority of cancer patients has been highlighted enough in the media.

Receiving affordable medical care with dignity is a right which every individual must get and the numerous cancer centres which will spring up in Assam may do just that.

This is by far one of the most well thought social welfare schemes by the Centre and it must be commended for doing so.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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