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ITANAGAR, Jun 17:  Speaker Tesam Pongte and Deputy Speaker Kardo Nyigyor on Monday held their first coordination meeting with the officers and officials of the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly. The significant meeting marks their initial engagement with the Assembly staff following their assumption of office.
During the meeting, Speaker Tesam Pongte discussed key priorities aimed at streamlining legislative processes and enhancing administrative efficiency. He emphasized the importance of fostering a collaborative working environment and highlighted the need for a strong focus on work culture, discipline, and punctuality to ensure smooth and effective functioning of the Assembly.
Deputy Speaker Kardo Nyigyor further elaborated on the strategies to improve administrative operations within the Assembly. He stressed the significance of teamwork and open communication, and underscored the importance of maintaining high standards of discipline and punctuality among all staff members.
Both the Speaker and Deputy Speaker expressed their commitment to driving progress and implementing initiatives that will benefit the staff and Assembly Secretariat. They also agreed on the need for continuous improvement and proactive measures to address any challenges that may arise.

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