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Rono Hills, May 31:  Rajiv Gandhi University in Arunachal Pradesh hosted the ‘Yuvamanthan’  Model United Nations (MUN) under the Viksit Bharat initiative, aiming to engage youth in global dialogue on international diplomacy, leadership, and collective duty with the central theme of “Lifestyle for Environment.” The Yuvamanthan MUN had several key objectives, such as— to engage youth in meaningful discussions on global issues and international diplomacy, to cultivate leadership skills and a sense of collective responsibility and to promote sustainable living practices as a means to combat environmental challenges. 
The event saw active participation from more than 15 students from various departments representing over 10 nations.
Firdusur Rahman from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, representing India, Nisha Mepo from the Department of Social Work, representing Russia, Wuthu Apralo representing Japan, Farhad Hussain from the Department of National Security Studies, representing Ukraine, Department of Social Work, Ajay Pratap Thakur, representing Bangladesh, Department of Management, Shriprakash Pal from the Department of Mass Communication, representing Bhutan, Geba Riba from the Department of Management representing Finland, Toko Dopum from the Department of Social Work representing Pakistan, Deepika Kumari, Pema Choiky Lama,  Drema Buru from the Department of Hindi represented South Korea, Kenya, Vientam respectively and Neha Priyadarshi representing Nepal, Yalobo Dada and Shubham Maurya as Media Persons, Bamin Lure as cartoonist joined from the Department of Fine Arts and Music. These young delegates simulated the roles of diplomats, offering a platform for rich and diverse perspectives on global environmental issues. The chosen theme, "Lifestyle for Environment," emphasized the necessity of sustainable living practices to address environmental degradation. The discussions centered on: Reducing carbon footprints, promoting renewable energy sources, implementing sustainable waste management, conserving natural resources, formulating policy frameworks to support environmental sustainability and so on. Delegates were divided into committees, each focusing on specific aspects of environmental sustainability. Robust debates and discussions took place, with delegates presenting their respective countries’ stances on the theme. Delegates collaborated to draft comprehensive resolutions aimed at promoting sustainable lifestyles. These resolutions included practical steps that nations could implement to mitigate environmental issues.

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