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ITANAGAR, Aug 5: Breast milk for the first 180 days is a must; it helps the baby to develop higher IQ as well as help the baby in proper growth and also protects from infections, said Paediatrician at RK Mission Hospital,  Dr. Tunu Gadi.
Speaking to the media on World Breastfeeding Week, Dr. Gadi said breast milk for the first 180 days is a must, that too without any other formulas unless  prescribed by a physician. Even then breastfeeding should be continued at least for two years for the proper growth of the baby, she said. Elaborating on the benefits of breastfeeding, she informed that breast milk for the newborn baby is 'complete nutrition'.
Breast milk is even more important if a baby is born early (premature) as it reduces the chances of any kind of infections and also improves the immune system. 
"Most of the time people believe that early milk is not good for the baby, but in reality, it is the most important nutrition for the baby," she added.
Breastfeeding also improves the bond between mother and baby and also reduces the chances of breast cancer. Moreover, during breastfeeding hormones are released that help both mother and baby to bond as well as help the mother to unwind.
She also advised new mothers to understand about milk formation and feedings. In the first three days only 5 to 7 ml of milk is produced, which increases to 20-25ml, and after one week it reaches 40 -50 ml.
In the first three days, a baby’s stomach is the size of a marble, after that it  turns into the size of a walnut and after one week it grows up to a big size egg, so new mothers should avoid feeding their baby more in the first week.
We are here to assist new mothers and their babies if any kind of help is needed, added Dr Gadi.
World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year from August 1 to 7 to create awareness on the importance of Breastfeeding.

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