30th Jul 2022 11:07:PM Editorials
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More than 60 per cent of sewage generated by urban India is untreated and enters water bodies like rivers, resulting in pollution and making it unfit for human consumption, according to the National Green Tribunal. 
Over the years the abuse of rivers has increased astronomically with pollutants becoming more toxic and complex. It is no longer a big city problem but smaller towns are equally neglecting and abusing their rivers. The careless dumping of solid waste and sewage in water bodies around the Itanagar Capital Region  is a sight which should affect anybody with a conscience. 
Several hotels, automobile workshops, hospitals etc operating in the Itanagar Capital Region were served notices recently for operating without installation of Effluent Treatment Plant/ Sewage Treatment Plant in violation of section 25/26 of the water( Prevention and Control of Pollution) Acts 1974.
Waste generated from these establishments were running down to rivers directly without being treated and thereby polluting the rivers especially the Dikrong, Senki and Pachin, the state pollution board said.
In spite of statutory framework and binding legal precedents, violation of law is rampant and therefore stern approach is necessary against polluters for pollution as well as the regulatory authorities for their failure and inaction to perform timely duties.
It is a matter of serious concern that compliance of environment norms is not heeded. Environment degradation severely affects human health requiring immediate attention and cannot be dealt with by authorities at leisure.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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