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In a span of a few weeks, the capital complex has witnessed at least two accounted cases of road rage during which guns were used. Earlier an innocent bystander was hurt by a stray bullet which was aimed at a Tata Sumo apparently only because it was not giving way to a Scorpio vehicle. In a similar incident, that took place on Thursday, a person sustained bullet injuries after an altercation. This also is a wakeup call for the Police department as in the latter case the perpetrator was a suspended IRBn constable who executed the crime with stolen firearms.

Both cases have sent shockwaves among the people which over the past few months are increasingly witnessed a spike in crime rate. The use of fire arms in what are obviously trivial incidents also shows the emergence of gun culture in the state which is a worrisome trend and needs to be nipped in the bud.

These two dramatic shoot-outs bring attention on an issue that is seldom discussed — gun ownership and gun crimes. Compared to many other developing countries, gun crime in India is relatively low. But the rising economic prosperity has also ushered in increased ownership of legally acquired guns. In the capital complex Itanagar like other major cities, owning a firearm is seen by some as a status symbol. It is pertinent for authorities to bring in stricter gun laws and erase out the loopholes.

There should be proper vetting of applicants too. When an immature person possesses a gun, it gives him a sense of confidence, though false. He tends to think that he can have his way by just flashing the weapon. 

In an effort to keep tab on guns and its misuse especially to curb terrorist activities, all arms licenses now have to have Unique Identification Number (UIN) under the National Database of Arms Licenses (NDAL) project. Under the project, after the details of arms license are entered, a unique identification number is assigned to the license holder, without which no arms license shall be considered as valid with effect from April 1, 2017. However, many states have missed this deadline, although Arunachal’s status is not yet known, authorities need to see that all arms holder are brought under this net.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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