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Albeit without proper structure and planning, tourism has become a sector which is being given the biggest push by the state government at the moment. Come autumn, the calendar is jam-packed with festivals following each other in hot pursuit and in few instances over-lapping. Tawang festival concluded in the end of September and already Buddha Mahotsava and Basar Confluence have gotten underway today i.e November 5. Already lined-up is the Panyor river festival, Adventure at Mechuka, Dambuk orange festival to name a few.


This barrage of festivals without a decent break in between is unintentionally having quite the opposite on revellers and visitors. It won’t be wrong to say that it is festival-overkill and people are losing interest fast.

While serious efforts and resources (read finances) have been pumped into portraying Arunachal Pradesh as irresistible as possible to the world outside, however, there’s hardly any legacy created. Ad-hocism has been the operating principle, with no thrust on sustainable infrastructure. Arunachal even within the NE region is far behind in every aspect- simply spending enormous amounts to impress delegates from a hurriedly constructed stage, fine-tuned speeches and well rehearsed cultural displays- though impressive does not necessarily translate into any real benefit.


Though the intention of the Ministry of Tourism in putting up Arunachal Pradesh as a sumptuous platter is truly commendable yet one, definitely, must not lose itself in seeing the bigger picture.



World-over, the “counter-urbanization syndrome” has given the dying rural economy a fresh lease of life. The growing idea of rural tourism and eco-tourism is our best bet. There’s need for policy-makers to work best with what we have to reap better results. Such “eco-friendly” and “balanced” promotion of tourism would transform people’s lives at the grassroots level too.

Amidst the merry-making and hullabaloo, lest not forget the basic objective, the idea behind hosting major events is to create sustainable “legacy”.



Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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