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ITANAGAR, Aug 7: The Tanw Supun Dukun (TSD) in a release has termed the demand for Mon-Autonomous Region by MARDC as not in the interest of indigenous  populace of the state and asked the government to refrain from granting special status till acceptable solutions are arrived upon from all stakeholders.
While understanding and respecting the democratic rights of the demand for Mon and Patkai Autonomous council since 2003-04, we presume that furtherance of such demands or proposal for the autonomy of a region will ignite the feeling of deprivation and marginalization which may also trigger various movements for righteousness that would be detrimental to peace and harmonious Arunachal Spirit.
The Apex Apatani body opined that if such demand for autonomy is granted now then there is an apprehension that it may not only lead to hectic parleys and infighting of the communities but will also open a Pandora's box  with similar demands on narrow regional and communal aspirations which would result in disintegration of the state in long run.
Stating that the Mon region is better placed and well represented, TSD also termed  the Apatani Community as one of the major tribes in the state but politically deprived for long of their fundamental rights for equal and democratic representation in the legislative assembly as per the constitution provision since the 1970s till date. Despite having  more than the required voters and recommendations, our community has been deprived from time to time, including the latest one by Justice Kuldip Singh Delimitation Commission of India 2002, for two legislative assembly seats for Ziro- Hapoli,  it informed. The entire community is still represented by a single Legislative Assembly seat  since Union Territory in 1972, it said.

The TSD stated that this genuine political deprivation to one of the largest tribe in the state with the second highest electorate next to Itanagar Assembly constituency has implicated adverse effects on social economic and cultural development and growth of the region.
The TSD added  that the District Wise Quota System and assembly wise distribution of job has worsened the situation for the Apatani community which does not have a district of its own yet.
“ Under such circumstances and given  the ground reality of region and community deprivation for so long, the Apatani community and the inhabitants of the area are the fittest  case for considering and granting of Apatani Autonomous Council/Region if at all, the government is   committed or desires to fulfill the aspirations of the people and region alike without discrimination, “ it stated.
The TSW reiterated that the Apatani Community genuinely deserved at least a separate district for them with the creation of more assembly constituencies in the state assembly as per approval is already given by Delimitation Commission. TSD release

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