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ITANAGAR, Aug 1: The Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum (AITF) on Saturday outrightly rejected the demand for Mon Autonomous Region by Mon Autonomous Region Demand Committee (MARDC) and stated that " it will always oppose any divisive policy that seeks to bring socio-economic divide among peace-loving tribals of the state."
In a release, the AITF asked the government to act cautiously when the  nation is facing threat of external aggression from one of the neighbouring countries.
Stating that encouraging such silly demands would open floodgates  of similar demands, it asserted that  the Mon Region are prosperous than many newly created districts in the state having no socio-political issues like insurgency, drug menace and all areas well connected with good roads.
Terming the demand as irrational and a political gimmick, the Forum said the state government should refrain from initiating any action that could bring socio-political divisions among the tribal population and should not succumb to such divisive policies.  Any such attempt will be faced with stiff resistance from AITF, it further added.
Adi students Union (AdiSU) has demanded the state government to recall the resolution passed in assembly way back in 2014 that seeks autonomous district councils for Tawang and West Kameng.
Terming the resolution passed as a historical blunder made by the political representatives,
 AdiSu said " it is  high time state government recalls the bill from parliament and correct the wrong done in the larger  interest of the tribal community of the state."
Outrightly rejecting the demand for special status by MARDC, AdiSU said that it is not in the pan-Arunachal interest and goes against the  Hamara Arunachal Abhiyaan (HAA), a flagship scheme launched under the leadership of  Chief Minister, Pema Khandu.
" If such demands are being orchestrated by Chief Minister, Pema Khandu then this shows high handedness of political position and power, " AdiSU further added.
The All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) has denounced Chief Minister Pema Khandu for patronizing the Mon Autonomous Region (MAR) creation demand.
Through a press release issued on Saturday, ANYA said that the unanimous resolution adopted by the Mon Autonomous Region Demand Committee during the meeting on July 30 at Tawang attended by the CM, MLAs of the region, OSD to CM and other officers, intellectuals and general public of the Mon community to boycott the coming panchayat election if their demand is unattended, is a reflection of CM’s incompetence to govern the state. “How can the CMO and the MLAs be part of the election boycott call? We appeal to the top central BJP leadership and the Prime Minister to use their wisdom and see how the state BJP leaders are playing divisive politics which may diminish the popularity of the party in Arunachal Pradesh,” the release stated.
“The All Nyishi Youth Association accuses the CM for promoting regionalism and communal politics in the state. When the lion’s share of the state and centrally sponsored schemes/funds are sanctioned and implemented at Tawang and West Kameng districts in every financial year along with the existence of Department of Karmik & Adhyatmik Affairs (DoKAA) and unemployment problem is almost nil in their belt in comparison to other districts, what is the need of Mon Autonomous Region,” the release read.
The association expressed apprehension that acceptance of the MAR demand would kick-start similar demands from every district and community of the state, alleging along with that the CM despite being the executive head of the state is openly supporting his own community and region in the unjust demand. ANYA PR 

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