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ITANAGAR, Sep 19: An FIR has been lodged against Legal Rights Observatory-LRO@LegalLRO at Cyber Cell, Police headquarters  Itanagar on September 16 by a faculty of Dera Natung Government College for misusing his photographs without his consent and knowledge and attributing wrong information to it.
Assistant Professor (Mathematics) Botem Moyong informed that his request to remove the erroneous tweet was not honored. The tweet has tarnished my image, dignity, reputation and my profession, he said.
“Using my photographs of the Baptism Ceremony without my knowledge and consent by Legal Rights Observatory-LRO@LegalLRO is a violation of my fundamental rights namely Right to Privacy and Right to Freedom of Religion. These pictures were taken during my Baptism on 31st August 2021 under Ministries of Christ at Senki Park, Itanagar, along with other 15 individuals who were totally unknown to me. To the best of my knowledge, they are not my students.  I have no idea from where and how my photos became viral on social media,” Moyong said in a press statement.
Taking Baptism was my personal choice. It is definitely not a crime. I would like to strongly emphasize that my personal matters are nobody’s concern. So, I humbly appeal to the people to kindly respect my privacy and not to circulate the tweet and pictures any further, Moyong added.
The Legal Rights Observatory-LRO@LegalLRO on 15th September had tweeted, “Horrible  Few Professors at DN College # Itanagar are shamelessly using their office of power to coerce indigenous tribal students to convert into #Christian religion.” The tweet also tagged @ncsthq@Amit Shah@Pema Khandu BJP.
 “The tweet claimed that few professors at D.N. Government College indulged in religious preaching and conversion of tribal students into Christian which is absolutely false and malicious as I have never taught my students about religion and its conversion. Moreover, it has defamed my hard earned reputation which is hampering my normal life as it is causing me immense mental and psychological trauma to my already deteriorating health. If anything happens to me in near future, then LRO shall be held responsible,” Assistant Professor Botem Moyong said.

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