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Before tabling of CAB in parliament, Union HM has given a two-day time to sit with all NE stakeholders including its CMs for conducting final rounds of discussions. Although there had been an avalanche of protests over this proposed contentious amendment which had taken shape of an unbreakable Northeast unanimity, these last-minute talks are going to be most vital among all deliberations seen so far. This is because it’s inarguably the last chance to convey in clear terms once more that, in no way CAB should be forcefully imposed over the region for the singular cause of protecting its indigeneity. Arunachal’s term will come today, and like all its NE counterparts it’s also the ultimate opportunity to deliver its concern, burying whatever ‘political closeness’ exist with Delhi, at least for the time being, only for the sake of saving its people from getting submerged into the vortex of extreme insecurity.

It’s a common practice in a democratic structure that any legislation, or amendments thereto is brought only if there is a surety that it will bring well-being to a maximum section of the populace it is intended for. And as a precursor, there involves a serious process of deliberations with free exchange of views, with the custom being to honour the opinion of the majority among stakeholders. But in CAB’s case there is purportedly a marked deviation from the above path and as a consequence there is now a ceaseless flow of questions as to how can there be a law where religion can play a determinant role of assessing and granting citizenship status to those who are characteristically non-Indians in every sense. There is no way now of denying that there is a perception gradually thickening in public domain that the proposed amendment tantamounts to gross undermining of the sacred Indian Constitution itself. This apart, NE fears are genuine to the core since the region is already overwhelmed by steady and progressive influx of infiltrators since independence. Turning its pages of post-independence history, it can never be contradicted that demographic change has engineered rapid and adverse effects on indigenous cultures, land resources, livelihood and even political representations, and CAB may prove to be the final nail in coffin.

There will be no qualms in saying that the region rallied profusely behind BJP in elections with a great belief that development will finally make a footfall here. But CAB seems to be a disrupter of dreams and it’s unsurprising that in the eyes of NE people, it’s nothing but an instrument for Hindutva apparatchiks to build a long-lasting and faithful voter base exclusively on religious lines. With the last lap of countdown reached, it’s thus time to forcefully convey ‘No’ once more.  

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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