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The students of various  colleges in the state’s capital are now having a stimulating taste of a debate titled ‘Has Arunachal truly evolved as a vibrant democracy since last 32 years’. The topic has been craftily chosen with the intention to generate awareness among the voters, most of them first-timers, on the indispensability of free and fair elections. If this is an ingenious method to educate the future of the state of this essential precondition for a healthy democracy, it has also served another purpose. It has underscored once more that for enhancing analytical & quick thinking and persuasive speaking powers, which these tender minds will need in great measures in their respective future undertakings, debate still ranks as the first choice.
Debates, as we all know are   formal discussions on a particular topic where speakers place opposing arguments and have been an essential fixture of human life for millennia. They are everywhere around us, if we observe them scrupulously- from parliaments, assemblies, college canteens, political meetings, sports arena and even in homes. If the arguments placed by a people’s  representative explaining the virtues of any plan or programme and the counter-arguments that it invites are examples of debates, a teenager explaining to his or her reluctant parents about the necessity of having a two-wheeler is also a kind of debate. And now that the atmosphere is saturated with the aura of election tempo, political debates are flowing unabated. In any case, the elemental aspects which define a debate remain the same-powers of thinking and expressing the thoughts eloquently.
Debates have scores of benefits which are too utilitarian too ignore. From improving both critical thinking and persuasive communication skills, debates can help learning to discuss complicated topics calmly, clearly, and competently. Even listening to debates can be mind-opening which can offer a broader range of alternatives, excite imagination, and ignite creativity. Thus the benefits of debates are not the exclusive possessions of the participants, but the wide range of audience that are a witness are also equal beneficiaries.
Again, if debates are great boosters of articulation skills which will help win  many battles lying ahead in professional, social and political  lives, they must be given due importance in the education system by including them early and right from school level. More debating societies should come up in schools, colleges and universities of the state. On an individual level, one can also try for participating in online debating platforms to hone their skills.
The great challenge of advancing Arunachal will be much easier if these blossoming minds  are trained to emerge as intellectually active and sensible citizens of tomorrow. For a better Arunachal, more argumentative Arunachalees are needed.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
      She is a graduate in Science with post graduation in Sociology from University of Pune. She has been in the media industry for nearly a decade. Before turning to print business, she has been associated with radio and television.
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