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First hundred days of the second innings of the Narendra Modi-led NDA government has just been completed and expectedly there will now be analysis of the major takeaways of this stint. The nation has seen some major decisions taken during this period which may be termed as ‘historic & landmark’ and  if these are allowed to be termed as ideologically driven political accomplishments, a sickening economy has perhaps overshadowed them all and has come to the forefront of all concerns like never before. Economic slowdown of an unprecedented proportion has really hit hard and unmistakably, it is going to keep the current government tantalisingly engaged for many more 100-day tenures during the upcoming period.

Among all major decisions that have been taken, abrogation of Article 370 which resulted in nullification of special status of Jammu and Kashmir and the state’s bifurcation into two UTs will no doubt rank first since it was an extremely contentious issue that had lingered for last sixty years or so. Passage of Triple Talaq Bill, amendments of UAPA & Motor Vehicles Act and merger of 10 Public Sector Banks into four units will be counted as other significant happenings that are all going to have solid future ramifications. The maiden session of parliament had also been a ‘treat’ to watch and will be remembered for the triple reasons of passage of a huge number of Bills, a deviation from the practice of customary scrutiny and a marathon tenure. Although all these topics are discussed and debated, a crippling economy and the overwhelming concern about it has so far remained the centre stage of all deliberative talks.

Even if the revelation that unemployment has touched a 45-year high was a big election issue, facts and figures that surfaced during this 100-day period show that worries are not limited to this particular front alone. Just at the moment when the dream of becoming a five trillion dollar economy was floated, the news that GDP has touched it lowest mark in six years came as a real dampener. Both a sharp deceleration in manufacturing sector and a sluggish agriculture have been singled out as primary contributors to this dip. ‘Wheels’ of the auto sector has fallen almost static with large lay-offs and it’s nothing dissimilar in most other core sectors that are considered as real drivers of the economy. A slew of measures have been witnessed and many more instalments are expected to follow.

A landslide victory with an overwhelming mandate set the ambience for starting the second innings with aplomb. But the mounting worries revolving the ensuring of roti, kapda & makan for the populace will be the single-most tormenting factor and it will be interesting to observe how fast they are tamed.   

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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