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During last few weeks quite a few sportspersons from Arunachal have made the state proud by achieving stunning successes in various championships in national circuit. The names of Golom Tinku, Joti Mane and Anu Komi are currently doing the rounds and if they continue to stay in limelight by dint of their future achievements, it’s sure that in no time they will start getting iconic status. Their feats have once again brought forward the truth regarding state’s sporting prospects- there are real talents that need to be spotted and nurtured. Besides the glories these young bloods have brought to the state, it is this ‘eye-opener’ that is perhaps a more greater reward. And it’s now for the policy makers to realise that sportspersons in particular and sports in general can act as great ‘ambassadors’ for the state and it’s time to embark on a solid course of actions that would smoothen the grooming process.
It is interesting to notice that among the various success stories that the state has managed to script so far, the majority have been in individual games and sports. Karate has particularly proved to be a medal-spinner for state in recent years in tournaments ranging from school games to national level meets. Thanks to this rising graph of accomplishments, a national karateka team in any age category that would represent the tri-colour in the international arenas is unthinkable to form without the presence of the Arunachalees. A clear conclusion can thus be reached from all these which will be having the backing of a mix of science, genetics and psychology that when it comes to sports that primarily require efforts of individual nature, Arunachalees can outsmart their mainland counterparts quite easily and with aplomb. Stamina, flexibility & endurance capacity of muscles, speed and agility, among others are perhaps the essential ingredients without which it will be unthinkable to get success in these branches of sports. Thankfully, state’s sports aspirants are richly endowed with these genetic gifts, waiting to be tapped to get moulded into remarkable sportsmen and women of tomorrow.
Coming to the ‘moulding’ part, it will be beyond doubt that the overall sporting infrastructure in state available currently for upbringing these in-born talents are far below the required levels both in terms of numbers and quality. There is just only one sports academy based at capital and although three more of such are in the offing, it can be presumed that it will take time for their actual commencement.
But anyhow, it should be the motto that no Arunachalee talent is pushed into oblivion for want of training and a minimum state patronage. There must be thousands in waiting and the idea should be to spot them and groom them into future champs.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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