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It’s now almost certain that Central government is determined to go ahead with its per-declared agenda of making the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill into a law. By now, the Northeast sentiment regarding CAB is very clear. People of this region, by and large, are dead against it and there is a growing apprehension that when ultimately enacted, it will rob them of their rights, which so far had acted as protective shields of their indigenous ways of existence. Protests had been witnessed since it was attempted to pass early this year and although it has been an overall placid scenario during last few months, the simmering discontent is very much palpable. This is even after last month’s assurance of the Union Home Minister on NEDA platform that there is nothing to worry about. In the process, NE states will presumably gear up to make official representations to the Centre conveying the on-the-ground mood and people’s ‘demands’ in the context. Arunachal has started the process and formed a Consultative Committee to safeguard rights of its indigenous people. It was timely and necessary to pay respect to the feelings of the people who have been subjected to deep anxiety since the CAB issue came to the fore.
From the point of view of an average NE people, it will not be an exaggeration to say that CAB is contentious to the core. Although much has been discussed about its content, the bottom line is clear to understand. Religion will be the determining criteria for granting citizenship to the people from a chosen set of foreign lands, even if it means a massive alteration of demographic pattern as an immediate consequence, followed by definite changes in socio-economic-cultural patterns as next. NE has got legitimate reasons to fear since it is here in various pockets, ill-effects of refugee influx had be witnessed which had inflicted much pain to the indigenous populace. And the reality is that religious colour matters little in case of any scale of migration. Encroachment of resources, loss of livelihood and other related aspects are the unavoidable corollaries that are bound to make footprints.
With no escape from CAB, from Arunachal’s point of view, it will thus be logical to push forward its concerns in as much clear and categorical terms to the Centre. As such, the report of the Consultative Committee, which will practically serve as ‘voice of the Arunachalee people’ must be prepared with extra care giving heed to the most minute of details so that every single point of concern creates impact on the corridors of power at New Delhi. Only time will tell whether it will be given due recognition or not. But, for the time being, it’s a cardinal responsibility at hand.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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