19th Jan 2020 10:01:PM Editorials
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During last week, there had been two high level administrative meetings that discussed future developmental plans of the state capital touching almost all vital aspects. Quite a good number of new thoughts had been exchanged to make the capital area more better and vibrant for living which is an encouraging sign. But, since the word ‘but’ is nearly inseparable in any developmental thought process in Arunachal due to so many obstacles that somehow invariably and unprecedentedly come in way, to what extent on-the-ground implementation will be seen, is really any denizen’s all-time query, whether during casual talks or even in soliloquy. Now, to break this deep-rooted public pessimism that had a developmental history spreading over decades, the onus to a major extent will befall on the current administration to make things happen according to the ideas and proposals that originate at meetings. It’s only then it can be said, yes, something really great is happening. Else, it will be the same old and insipid story of making promises and breaking them later, with the popular notion that public memory is always ephemeral.

It’s a fact that like any urban habitat, the Itanagar-Naharlagun twin capitals are also facing multiple challenges. Both of it are growing fast in every respect particularly in terms of population which means an increasing need for all civic amenities. Connectivity is a big problematic issue and most of the roads, existing and all that will be coming in future need a lot of improvement and compromise in quality will only mean a step backwards as the disagreeable topographical features will be something that is inescapable. Traffic congestion is a continuing headache and the idea of using drones can be tried as although it is an emerging technology, its efficacies have well been acknowledged. In this respect, it will also be pertinent to note that stricter traffic rules will be of little effect if the basics, which mean making the roads more communicable are not made correct. A road riddled will potholes will only slow the traffic further and the sheer anxiety of getting late in reaching destinations will actually encourage commuters to resort to all sorts of traffic violations. Sector-wise constitution of welfare committees as suggested by State Home Minister is also a novel idea and can turn out to be productive if there is wholehearted participation by the citizens.

All targets of making the state capital more modern and attractive must be pursued with blazing speed since the completion deadline of the coveted airport will just be a little over two years from now. A city with a modern airport and a contrasting picture with broken roads and traffic chaos will not be a good promotional picture for state.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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