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ITANAGAR, May 14: Keeping in view election related violence and complaints specially in the two districts of Kra Daadi and Kurung Kumey, a three-member team constituted by the Election Commission of India today conducted a meeting with the contesting candidates representing various political  parties, District Electoral Officers and other stakeholders  from the Assembly Constituencies of 18-Palin, 20-Tali and 21-Koloriang.
Former Minister and Congress candidate from Palin AC, Takam   Pario, former MLA and BJP candidate Balo Raja from Palin AC submitted their representations and had one-to-one meetings with the ECI members. However, JDU candidate Byabang Taj couldn’t attend the meeting and was represented by his Election Agent, Dolang Tako.
From 20- Tali AC, BJP candidate Thaji  Gichick Kiogi, JDU candidate Jikke Tako attended the meeting, while the Congress candidate Dayum Yara was absent.Former MLA and NPP candidate Pani Taram representing 21 –Koloriang AC attended the meeting and on behalf of the BJP candidate Lokam Tassar his representative Ha Tatu turned up. Beside candidates, former DC Kra Daadi  Solung Miji and DC Koloriang Santosh Kumar Rai was also seen in the meeting. Moreover, ECI team also held a separate meeting with the deprived voters of Rakso and Raibalo polling stations.
Speaking to media, Takam Pario informed that he has submitted all the required documents and representation to the ECI members and is hoping for justice. Whereas, his rival from BJP Balo Raja also divulged that he has also submitted the required proof of violence and money power that have been used in the Palin constituency to influence voters.                            
Expressing satisfaction over the one-to-one meeting, JDU candidate from 20-Tali AC, Jikke Tako informed that he has submitted the representation about the re-poll in Gimba polling station as well as EVM related issues in Pipsorang. Rival BJP candidate Thaji Gichik Kiogi also demanded justice for Jara polling station and violence in Gimba polling station.
Representing 21-Koloriang, NPP candidate Pani Taram said that he is fighting for the rights of Taba and Nampe voters who were deprived of their franchises. Representing the BJP Candidate, Ha Tatu said that they have full faith in ECI and expect a positive judgment in favour of the BJP candidate after examination of the incidents in Koloriang. DC  Koloriang said that he had attended the meeting to share information on instructions of the ECI.
Chairman  of  Deprived  Voters of  Rakso Polling Station,  Biri Niania  said, “ we have submitted all the documents to prove our genuine demands regarding how the legitimate voters of Rakso were deprived from casting their votes during  April 27 re-poll.”
Although no official comments had arrived from ECI, nor the identities of their officials been ascertained, one of the ECI members has been identified as former  Finance Commissioner of Arunachal Pradesh, Ashish Kundra.

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