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The Guwahati region has seen a dip in performance in the Board Examinations this year which has been largely credited to the poor performance of government schools in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal has cut a dismal figure with only about 22.22 per cent students passing the CBSE class 10 results while the pass percentage stood at 44.33 per cent in class 12.

The performance of the students has a direct bearing to a beleaguered education system which seems to have lost direction. The Board exam report card is a reflection of the entire learning process and goes to show that the state has badly faltered in achieving the real meaning of education.

Images of students sitting on classroom floors, roofs and walls barely holding up have become synonymous with government schools across the state. Textbooks not reaching students well into the mid-academic session indicate that despite the tall promises of ‘zero tolerance’, there is no political will to rectify the problems.

As opposed to past decades, the number of schools has grown and has become accessible to most of the populace but without the infrastructure and manpower backup, they are hardly making much of a difference in the real sense. Education in namesake has no meaning and sadly one wonders what kind of future is in store for these children based on such flimsy education. Not negating the fact that are those few who traverse through all odds and emerge successfully but for every such person there are countless who couldn’t make it because of an unequal chance at education.

Teaching as profession has been marred by absenteeism, lack of commitment etc which have blemished this noble profession. Teachers have failed as role models and do not inspire students to achieve greater heights. The heavy concentration of teachers in urban schools while schools in remote places are left to the mercy of a single teacher is also one of the main factors for poor performance.

The department of education has admitted that about 900 schools in the interior areas are running with single teacher while schools mostly located in the Capital Complex area and District Headquarters have excess teachers.

It is high time that the state government executes its oft repeated ‘zero tolerance’ in education sector.The teaching profession has become a dumping ground for people who often lack requisite qualification as well as passion. Politicians use this sector for gaining political mileage and transfer and postings most often have a political engineering.Arunachal’s education scene is the result of decades of mishandling and apathy. Accountability has to be fixed and without it no visible changes can be brought. 


Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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