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After remaining untouched by the coronavirus pandemic for an enviable stretch of time, Arunachal Pradesh has recorded its first positive case. But, without coming under the sway of panic as it has been unfortunately so as an essential mass behavioural response pattern to the pandemic, people of the state must realise that this particular case was bound to surface sooner than later since its roots lie in Delhi's Nizamuddin West religious assembly- a great blunder that is extracting a heavy price now over a good portion of the country. Thus, thinking rationally, the case shouldn’t be construed as something catastrophic in the offing for the whole state. The two fundamental duties right at the moment after this rather predictable development must be shared by the administration as well as entire Arunachal in tandem. First will be for the administration in finding out the chain of persons who came into contact with the patient tested positive and the second will be for the people who now need to embrace themselves in a much serious mode.

To say the facts, the nation to a large extent has ignored the lockdown caveats by and large, until the infamous Nizamuddin episode. But, over the last 48 hours the pattern of the spike in cases can be termed more than exponential and it’s now well over the psychologically disturbing 2000 mark in terms of positive cases and 50 in case of fatalities. The principal contributor of these alarming figures during this short period is the congregation which can be called an 'infinite irresponsibility'. One single mistake has metamorphosed a part of the national capital into a Covid-19 hotbed with strong waves lashing the country and it can be gauged how much herculean the task will be to trace a further 2000 plus attendants who have now reached their respective states. Technically speaking, this manhunt, even if undoubtedly massive and painful for several states, for Arunachal, it must not be that must difficult since the state’s thin population density will act as a positive factor which is unlike the states of Telangana, Gujarat or Tamil Nadu, now bearing the larger part of the ‘mistake’. What has made things worse is the tendency of these people who attended this gathering to hide themselves out of the fear of social stigmatisation.

The battle for Arunachal has now taken a new turn and the coming weeks will be more crucial than before. People must understand that the state has very limited medical infrastructure to attend a challenge like this. An overwhelming participation like that done by the South Koreans in containing the pandemic is what’s now must be done by the state’s populace and all warnings must be followed. 

But panic shouldn’t be allowed any space. It’s time to keep calm and face the challenge intelligently.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
      She is a graduate in Science with post graduation in Sociology from University of Pune. She has been in the media industry for nearly a decade. Before turning to print business, she has been associated with radio and television.
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