23rd Mar 2020 10:03:PM Editorials
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Reading the major news about scientific investigations that are currently going on across the world to decode the great coronavirus mystery, from a layman’s point of view and consciously attempting to keep it accessible for a general understanding, it’s almost certain that to prevent it, the only thing the world can do is to put into practice the ‘theory of isolation’. With each passing day, number of deaths and newer countries get added, only taking the global helplessness level to greater levels. Better to forget about a vaccine since it will be months running into double figures at the least. The one and only mantra of saving oneself now is ‘stay home, stay safe’ and along with rest of the country and world, it is something which Arunachal cannot disregard, hence the lockdown.
If the world picture is given a look, it’s so very disturbing to go through the details even. Death figures on the wrong side of 15,000 and those infected set to touch 360000 and that the processions of corpses are taking place in alarming rapidity in the most advanced countries in terms of medical infra is bound to send shivers down the spine for any citizen of the country. Going by facts, it can be said that initially, corona made a slow start and to state exactly the chronology, it took 40 days to touch the 50-positive mark. This gave birth to a conception that it’s not that much of a disaster in the offing. But the upshot of cases during last week, especially in its later part which all suggest that the pattern has taken an exponential character and that in all probability is here to remain like that, has shattered nerves. There is an unmistakable fear now that if this keeps on going, within no time the current figures which at present are well within the ‘psychologically bearable’ levels might get multiplied and inflate unprecedentedly. At the moment thus, lockdown is the only prescription and nearly all states and UTs have made announcements enforcing the same.  
For Arunachal, like rest of the country, it will be a great challenge to face for the whole of this month and if necessary, thereafter too. The embargoes that has come as parts of the lockdown are applicable for whole of the state and since it’s a fact that the far-off border districts suffer from a general void in outreach of governance, the overall Covid-19 task-implementation mechanism must display a blanket approach. In that sense it is as much an administrative challenge as it is a medical one and all the wings of the state apparatus must respond professionally.
If it’s a test of patience and carefulness for the state’s people, for the government it will be a test of its governance. 

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
      She is a graduate in Science with post graduation in Sociology from University of Pune. She has been in the media industry for nearly a decade. Before turning to print business, she has been associated with radio and television.
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