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TRIHMS Director’s observation that further lockdowns, whether in the ICR or any other places in the state can well be avoided if the citizenry reciprocate by delivering responsibilities can be viewed as an elemental component of the response mechanism in the war against coronavirus. This has also been the cornerstone of all Covid-related awareness since March and has remained so till date.

Deliberations have converged now on the ICR lockdown and despite the perceptible fear all around since the place has emerged as the state’s most troubled Covid zone, a majority of denizens must be wishing that there shouldn’t be a further extension. After making several appearances during last four months, the life vs livelihood clash has once more returned and this time it will be a more critical choice to make for the state’s health administration. While it will be clear within a couple of days from now whether the ICR lockdown will be prolonged or not, citizens’ responsibilities in observing the basic protective protocols will be the deciding factor in the decision making process.

The prescription of lockdown although being accepted as the most-effective solution in fighting the pandemic by the health fraternity has not been without critical analyses in the country as the extended negative economic impact it entails has been too large to ignore. It is being said that but for the lockdowns, the crisis would have further deteriorated causing the counts of deaths and infections to reach manifolds from  current figures. If it’s true, it is also equally undeniable that for those who are in the economically safer strata, it is not that much a worry compared to daily earners who have little resources to absorb the shock of remaining unemployed for prolonged tenures. The problem is severe in India vis-à-vis the west since majority of the population belong to this segment, for whom lockdown is a luxury. After a series of lockdowns, which thus far has remained the preferred choice for dealing with the Covid pandemic, a situation has reached when it is ‘if it’s not due to coronavirus, it’s hunger for sure’. The picture in Arunachal is an exact replica of the pan-India scenario. The much-clamoured idea of putting a certain amount of cash into the hands of the ‘have-nots’ by the central government has fallen in deaf ears and that it has been shelved permanently is much apparent.

Under these circumstances, when common citizens have to face the future in line similar to the principle of ‘caveat emptor’ of consumerism, to get respite from the cyclical phenomenon of lockdowns, self-protection remains the only option left. With sincere actions, the citizenry must convince the state administration that the fight against Covid can be waged without lockdowns too.

The key for unlocking lies in citizens’ hands. It’s time to use it. 

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
      She is a graduate in Science with post graduation in Sociology from University of Pune. She has been in the media industry for nearly a decade. Before turning to print business, she has been associated with radio and television.
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