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This year’s National Handloom Day which was observed across the country got an added dimension despite being observed virtually. The buzzwords or rather phrases like ‘vocal for local’ and ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharat’ have fitted aptly to the occasion and riding on the tempo of the day, various appeals both from the political, bureaucratic and celebrity fraternities  calling for an added encouragement to the  nation’s handloom sector have been made. A renewed attention has been generated this time for a host of reasons, but, the question is how to cash on it and take this great Indian asset on a global scale. The prospects of commercial success of the sector have somehow  remained static and it’s a fact that despite unmatched skills of the lakhs of artisans, their financial health has not reached due to reasons not unknown to the policy makers. The most glaring example will perhaps be Arunachal Pradesh,  where the superfine products of its weavers and artisans although   capturing unbridled appreciation from the buyers  at stalls of the fairs and expos, irrespective of being a national or international event, have not seen the roaring success yet. But, since the ‘smell of the soil’ is in the air as there is a renewed emphasis on  all that are ‘local’, a hope for better days somehow emanates.

While   there are various schemes currently available for the handloom sector catering to the cause of furthering the ‘swadeshi’ vision, the concept of SHG has stolen much of the limelight as it has proved to be viable both in terms of income generating capabilities of the associated stakeholders and also for creating wide employment opportunities. In Arunachal it has clicked and has emerged as the frontline vehicle for not only keeping alive the rich legacy of handlooms, but also a steady route for ensuring economic independence of thousands of its skilled and hardworking women. Many times it has been argued that if the skill  hard work factors receive an adequate   financial backup from the financial institutions of the country, a handloom revolution will be possible. On the National Handloom Day, it’s time to raise the voice further. It must be realised by the lending banks that their credit in all probability will not be transformed into NPAs since these people are sincere and are wholeheartedly devoted to give the best output. As such a little more magnanimity will surely pay off in the long run. If  financing is a hurdle, marketing continues to remain a grey area and it must be mentioned in clear terms that the e-commerce route for the state’s artisans has not been explored even half of the desired level.

The policy makers should pay special emphasis on these aspects- easy and hassle-free loans and online marketing. As  the two are complementary to each other, equal stress on both are needed. 

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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