13th Jan 2020 11:01:PM Editorials
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A good amount of national interest was created before the multi-party opposition meet on Monday convened by the Congress in Parliament to discuss the current political situation that has evolved after CAA and the ongoing violence on campuses. All eyes were on this meeting since there was a growing public inquisitiveness to observe as to how the opposition, as a single entity responds in the current backdrop where the national mood is gradually shifting towards an anti-establishment direction. But, the attendance sheet shows that even the most pressing issues which are at present shaking the country are not adequate enough to bring all opposition parties together in a single platform and regional compulsions have overshadowed the grave national issues.
There were solid reasons why the meeting was termed as politically vital. Public anger and frustration over the contentious CAA and its ‘companion’ NRC has almost gripped the entire nation and it is the youth segment which is the visibly most disgruntled lot. A shattered economy and sky-high unemployment had already robbed their smiles over last couple of years and the above duo, according to them, has come as most unwanted additions. Under a situation like this, in a democracy, it is natural for those in the opposition to act in a fashion as it is expected from them, which is to press ahead with a constructive resistance in conformity with the mass mood that will display a homogenous and cohesive character. And there can’t be a more opportune moment like the current one when it was seemingly a golden chance to win over youths and students through all-out support to their protests that would surely be politically dividend-paying in approaching future. But the chance has been squandered and multiple key players such as the TMC, BSP, DMK, AAP, Shiv Sena had skipped the meeting which otherwise had presence of stalwarts from NCP, Left and former PM Manmohan Singh. Going through the reasons cited by the absentees, it is apparent that certain regional constraints had held them back and the overarching national issues like CAA-NRC-NPR are still not their first priorities. But a disunited opposition, however small in size it might be, as proven repeatedly by history, has never been a good sign in any democracy since in such an atmosphere, activities which are less democratic in character get chances to flourish. But the student-youth led mass movements would have definitely got that extra edge had all the opposition parties, particularly the regional ones which religiously chant anti- CAA-NRC-NPR slogans in their respective dens rallied behind them unanimously.
Sadly, that hadn’t happened and it is really painful to observe how the national politics is gradually getting visionless with people’s sentiments mattering little.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
      She is a graduate in Science with post graduation in Sociology from University of Pune. She has been in the media industry for nearly a decade. Before turning to print business, she has been associated with radio and television.
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