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Among all the central flagship programmes currently pursued, Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) has created great interest among the rural populace since it’s made exclusively for them. It is both ambitious as well as challenging since it envisages to provide functional household tap connections to every rural household within 2024. Covid-19 pandemic has definitely hampered the implementation process throughout the country and it’s primarily due to this factor, the Union Jal Shakti Ministry is much concerned with a perceptible apprehension that the unstoppable virus might not cause more hindrances leading to missing of the deadline. To make sure it’s averted, the Jal Shakti Minister is currently sending letters to the concerned states, urging them to make good the vital time lost due to the pandemic which is unfortunately going from strength to strength. Arunachal, like many states has also received one and as such, this ‘reminder’ should be taken as a challenge since it involves a lot of prestige for the state.

The hallmark of this scheme is that it wants to bring within its fold all the 17.87 crore rural households and as per record, about 81% i.e. 14.6 crore are yet to have household tap connections and currently have to rely solely on wells, natural water bodies etc. Women walking miles and miles under scorching sun to fetch just a bucket or two of water has been the example of an ‘underdeveloped India’ which is diametrically opposite to the India that has made solid strides in space sciences, IT and in so many ‘sunrise’ fields. JJM seeks to alter this picture and among many of its telling features, inarguably, it’s here where there is an ample scope of heralding ‘true decentralisation’, an idea which carries a huge relevance for a geographically vast and demographically mammoth country like India. States here have been involved in a much greater way unlike many other central flagships and participation of rural populace, in terms of maintenance of water supply systems and employment opportunities arising thereof has given the mission a local flavour.

Arunachal targets to complete things within March 2023, a year earlier than the national target and as per official data, out of 217623 households, 36146 have been covered  as on April 1, 2020 and the major portion which is to cover the remaining 181477 is still left to be done. Although it’s a reachable target, the pandemic is sure to cause delays. To offset it, not only is it necessary to devote extra time and energy, provision of a second set of plans is also necessary to face untoward exigencies.

The Central Ministry’s letter should be read as the beginning of the countdown for completion of JJM in the state. Arunachal must accept the challenge and work it out.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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