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Arunachal's second Orchid conservation and propagation centre has come up at  Hapoli recently. Tippi in West Kameng being the state's first.
Among the many natural treasures, Orchid flora might very well be the jewel in its crown.

In the flourishing floricultural sector, Orchids hold a niche of their own and the value of the global orchid industry is billions of dollars. Known for their intricate blooms, colours and shapes, it sits atop every inventory and also commands higher prices.

Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia are the major suppliers of tropical orchids to the world. 

Recognising the immense potential of floriculture export, governments in the Asia-Pacific countries continue to support research and development by providing sophisticated laboratory testing and control apparatus to help growers improve qualities and varieties. Distribution and transportation facilities are constantly upgraded and promotion activities conducted to nurture appreciation for plants and flowers.

The production of pot orchids and cut orchids has increased rapidly since the 1990s. More first time growers are getting involved and orchid production is turning into a true international business.

Orchids form one of the largest families of flowering plants and there are nearly 24,500 orchid species in the world. Arunachal Pradesh, with 558 recorded species of orchids, has the largest number of orchid species in India. Hapoli Forest Division has been striving to preserve this natural treasure of the state and a first of its kind wild orchid conservation trail was launched at Pange camp under Tale Wildlife Sanctuary two years ago. This trail has seen relocation of 182 species of rare and endemic orchids of Lower Subansiri district. Six species present in the trail are a new record and addition to the orchid flora of the country. 

Arunachal is rightly called the "Orchid Paradise" of the country. 

The state having variety of ornamental orchids has great potentials in orchid trade industry which consists of mainly of plant and cut-flowers. Various ornamental orchid plants both species and hybrids are sold in market either bare-root or potted plants. In fact, orchid growing can be developed as a cottage industry in the state.

Taking a cue from its Southeast Asian neighbours, the focus of the state government must be on developing the quality of orchids which will enhance both sales volume and value and also cater to market demand.

Kenter Joya Riba

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