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 NEW DELHI, Jun 20: As Salman Khan starrer and Kabir Khan directed Tubelight is all set to hit the theatres this Friday, the makers along with the stars of the film were present in a promotional event held in Mumbai on Monday evening.

During the event the makers introduced Matin Rey Tangu- Salman Khan’s child co-star from the movie- to the audience. Tangu, who hails from Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh, however was the star of the evening as he awed the audience with his intelligence and smartness.

The event took an embarrassing turn when Tangu had to take a ‘racist’ question from a reporter, who asked him if this is the first time he is visiting India, assuming Tangu is Chinese.

The journalist was corrected by another scribe sitting beside her, who told her that Matin is from Arunachal Pradesh and on realising her fault, the reporter changed her question to, “If this is the first time you have come to Mumbai?”

As the question was not audible to Matin the first time, he asked the scribe to repeat the question. As Salman Khan heard the question the first time, he interrupted and turned towards Matin and said, “She is asking, if you have come to India for the first time?”

Even though the journalist journalist repeated her question (Is it first time in Mumbai?”), Salman Khan, however, stuck to his question and asked Matin again, “She is asking, if you have come to India for the first time?”

“Hum India per hi baithta hai, toh India mei toh aayega na (I live in India only, so obviously I will come here),” Martin replied and the audience roared into a round of applause and laughter.

Tubelight, in-fact has a Chinese actor- Zhu Zhu- making her debut in Bollywood with this movie.


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