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Ziro, Feb 23: In a momentous event marking the Golden Jubilee Capital Complex Dree Festival Committee 2024 celebrations, history was made with the inaugural 100 KM Walkathon from Khat Kodiñ (Ziro) to Dree Ground, Papu Nallah (Itanagar). Spanning two days, the walkathon commenced from Ziro to Potin on the first day and to be continued from Potin to Itanagar on the second day. 
Out of the 140 registered participants, an impressive 90 successfully reached Potin. Among them, the first arrivals were strong willed female duo accompanied by one of the eldest walkers, Ms. Tage Rinyo, Ms. Taku Yabi Millo, and Mr. Pura Tama, completing the leg in an impressive 7 hours and 30 minutes. The participants, ranging from 17-year-olds to 75-year-old Tadu Lalyang Rilung and Pura Tama, showcased the diverse spirit of the community.
Earlier the walkathon was inaugurated by three respected Senior Citizens of Apatani, Former Panchayat District Vice President Bamin Kano, along with former Zilla Parishad Members Takhe Taki and Nani Chatung, who conveyed their joy and blessings to all participants.
Dr. Nani Tamang Jose, Chairman of the Organising Committee, expressed his satisfaction with the success of the first day, highlighting the absence of any injuries among the participants.
Chairman of GJ CCDFC 2024, Dani Sulu, despite exhaustion, expressed high spirits and anticipation for completing the race on the second day. 
Vice President of GJ CCDFC 2024 Er. Mudang Tacho reflected on the fulfillment of his long-cherished dream to organize and partake in the Walkathon, underscoring the significance of the event.
General Secretary of GJ CCDFC 2024 Hano Takka highlighted that the day two walk will resume at 05:00 AM from Potin. He also informed that participants were not just from Apatani community but also had participants from other tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and also from Nagaland. 

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