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Yingkiong, Feb 14: Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Alo Libang today launched  the Integrated Health Campaign for Upper Siang  which will be held from  February 14 to 27 next.
The programme  organized by the Arunachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society with District Health Society, Yingkiong.
Libang spoke on the importance of healthy life and called upon the people to avail the various healthcare facilities which is provided by the government for the wellbeing of the public and get themselves tested  voluntarily free of cost during the ICTC mobile campaign programme.
Expressing concern over alarming  rate of HIV positive cases in the country which is  more than  total population of Arunachal Pradesh, the Minister  informed that Govt of Arunachal Pradesh was first to introduce Integrated Health Campaign which was highly  appreciated from every corner and same has  been replicated across the country. He however said  “in our state too, number of people living with HIV has drastically increased over time and it is matter of grave concern, hence immediate intervention through such hybrid outreach approach will help in detecting the numbers so that we can provide  timely help and guidance to them.”
He revealed that Upper Siang has three identified cases but numbers could be more and urged the people to come forward without hesitation for testing.
Libang said the battle can be fought through concerted efforts from all corners and urged the administration, police, NGOs, CBOs to educate and  create awareness  on drug abuse and HIV.
The minister also said that government is emphasizing on improving the health sector to provide better healthcare facilities to the people of Arunachal Pradesh and added that public cooperation is important to improve the health care system. 
Project Director APSACS, Dr.Marbom Basar also spoke and said that through Integrated Health Camps beneficiaries will receive wide range of services from screening, testing and linkages to treatment  HIV, TB, Hepatitis B & C and counselling sessions etc. Dr.Marbom also elucidated how the HIV AIDS cases  are  growing in country despite extensive outreach activities  and said that presently Arunachal Pradesh has 1899 people living with HIV and 90% of them are in 20-44 most productive age group which is a serious matter. This can be only prevented when people come forward  voluntarily to get tested and it is done free of cost in ICTC centres, he said.
He further disclosed that 99% of cases are from intravenous drug users and requested the youth to stay away from drugs and other substance abuse which may ruin their life forever. Lastly, he called upon all stakeholders to come together to make Arunachal HIV AIDS free society and healthy Arunachal. DMO Dr.Gepeng Litin and DTO-cum-DACO Dr.Ahik Miyu also spoke.

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