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YUPIA, Sep 25: A meeting of the District Level Zoonotic Committee was held under the chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner Cheechung Chukhu at Yupia on Monday.
The District level Zoonotic Committee reviews the burden of priority zoonotic disease prevalent in the district and advise the district authorities on specific measures to be taken for prevention and control of zoonotic diseases. Zoonotic diseases are infections that are spread between animals and human.
During the meeting, the DC called for inter-sectoral collaboration between health, veterinary sectors and the PRI members at all levels to formulate a comprehensive IEC plan and launch an awareness campaign on zoonotic diseases like rabies.
“Such inter-sectoral efforts will improve data sharing mechanisms including early warning signals to prevent outbreaks," he added.
On being informed that out of the 387 dog bite cases under Doimukh block from October 2022 to September 2023, 326 were from the Doimukh CHC alone; the DC directed the surveillance team and the District Veterinary Officer to intensify IEC activities on rabies and also initiate rabies vaccination drive in the area.
However no rabies cases have been reported from the Doimukh block so far.
ZPM Sangdupota, Hina Camdir Tok while assuring assistance to the District Surveillance Team in carrying out awareness activities at the grassroot level, also urged the PRI members to contribute some per cent of the Panchayat funds under the disposal of the ZPMs  for such public welfare activities.
District Surveillance Officer Dr. Rina Ronya while speaking about the National Rabies Control Program (NRCP) informed that the objectives of the NRCP include providing rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin through free national drug initiatives, conducting training on appropriate animal bite management, prevention and control of rabies, surveillance, and intersectoral coordination, enhancing the surveillance of animal bites and reporting them.
She further informed that IECs on rabies are being conducted in the health melas organized under the Ayushman Bhav campaign across the district.
Highlighting the schedule of the Anti-rabies vaccination she informed that “the vaccine consists of 4 doses viz.  on day 0 - after 3 days -  after 7 days  and 14 to 28 days, day 0 is the day the 1 dose of the vaccine is administered. ” 
Dr. Ronya while speaking about ‘bite management ’ and  rabies ‘post exposure prophylaxes (PEP)’ added that, "After a potential rabid animal bite, the  wound should be thoroughly washed with soap and water for 15 minutes,  rabies vaccination administered and, if indicated, the rabies immunoglobulin or monoclonal antibodies should be administered."
DVO Dr. Monya Kato Jini informed that 839 numbers of pet animals have been vaccinated under the mass free vaccination campaign since 18th September, after a rabies case was reported from the Jullang area. She further informed that rapid response teams for different areas have been formed and contact details of the veterinarians shared for guidance and assistance on any dog bites and doubtful cases.
Epidemiologist Ili Angu presented the data on zoonotic diseases of the district. He informed that “10 cases of scrub typhus have been reported from Sagalee block, out of which six cases are from Leporiang and four cases from Sagalee. The District surveillance unit and the health department are monitoring the situation” he further informed.
The meeting was attended by District Medical Officer Dr. Komlin Perme , Maze Peil, DAO, ZPM Balijan Tem Piku and ZPM Kimin Bamang Yayu. (DIPRO)

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