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The indigenous communities of Arunachal Pradesh posses a wealth of knowledge of medicinal plants. From treating common ailments such as stomach ache to stemming blood flow from cuts, there is a plant which is commonly used with great effectiveness. This knowledge has been utilised for generations by the communities which has become part of the traditional healing system.


With the advent of modern medicine, traditional cures have definitely taken a back seat however, people's interest has once again rekindled in recent times. People are turning in greater numbers to nature for its health benefits. Arunachal is rich in medicinal plants and herbs which are of local knowledge but there has not been much research and scientific backed information on them. 

Medicinal plants or herbs and all those belonging to the aromatic family since time immemorial have been accepted as great elixirs for human health and for many decades after advent of the modern pharmaceutical industry, they have got a new title- 'plants of prosperity' due to the sheer commercial returns they entail. Arunachal has been blessed by nature by all the factors necessary for their growth in terms of climate, altitude, soil and others. However, this potential has not been tapped.

The Sustainable Mountain Development Summit in Dehradun, a few years ago discussed the vital issue of sustainable economic growth of the Himalayan states, the legislators of these states reiterated the need for giving thrust on exploration of the medicinal plant sector.

 Making a global comparison, it must be stated that the Chinese and South Koreans have done much better than India and besides keeping their age-old tradition of growing the priceless medicinal plants have been able to establish a sound linkage between growers and industry, that has also received the just scientific intervention from science academic fraternity. But above all, the proactive role of governments’ is unmistakably visible. For the state’s youths many of whom are seriously entrepreneurship-minded, this sector can ensure long-term dividends. Both Central and state governments, respective Boards, banks and all stakeholders must play the role of patrons, at least during the preliminary timeline.

For actual realisation of the potential and goals of the medicinal plants sector in Arunachal as reminded in meets and seminars of this kind, proper and prolonged hand-holding of all those currently engaged and waiting to be involved is urgently needed.


Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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