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Rural communities are self-sustaining units which possess immense economic prospects and are engaged in producing essential as well as niche products, however prosperity seems to elude our rural communities. Despite being rich in numerous way, it is a fact that the purse does not stay with them.

Handloom textile is one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

There is a huge demand for local products at the national as well as international arena provided it is properly channelized. In the same manner before the world took a fancy for all things ‘Organic’ rural folks were producing their fruits and vegetables the good old way which kept all its health-giving benefits intact. Organic produce fetches premium prices but hardly any of our farmers are reaping its benefit even today.


Need is to bring together these communities scattered in rural pockets, so that products can be showcased and marketed under one roof. A cooperative movement for traditional textiles, horticultural and agricultural produce will help turnaround their fate. At the same time, staying abreast with market demands and evolving accordingly to fashion trends is a must to lure buyers after all they are the ones who will keep the cash box ringing and thereby infuse the necessary fuel for business.



The opening of the Rural Mart cum tribal emporium at Ziro  financed by NABARD to encourage and assist rural artisans and weavers to sell their products and become self sustainable is the support which is much needed for rural communities to embark on an economic makeover. Organizing farmers markets and similar bazaars is also another way through which this movement will get the desired traction.


All said and done, marketing remains the biggest challenge especially for perishable goods in the face of lack of infrastructure such as roads and cold chain storage facilities. For example, Dambuk of the ‘festival of orange’ fame produces some of the best oranges in the state if not the country but the tedious journey farmers have to make due to communication bottlenecks results in huge loss. Therefore, it is paramount that an effective marketing strategy is chalked-out do that that end products reach consumers and loss to producers is minimized.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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