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The Supreme Court of India made headlines as it acknowledged sex work as a profession on May 19 and emphasized that sex workers, like any other professionals, are entitled to dignity and constitutional rights.
While the SC order received mixed reactions, it cannot be overlooked that it is a big moment in the sex worker rights movement. A section of people view the order as nothing new, assuming that these rights already exist for all citizens of India but those closely connected to the realities of sex workers lives and their struggles understand the huge significance.
Although, prostitution is not illegal in India per se, but the manner of its clandestine operation and complicated legal provisions makes it ambiguous legally speaking. This gives it a criminal nature and the women engaged in this field often viewed as one breaking the law. Given this reality, sex workers are marginalized, vulnerable and are harassed by pimps and also by the police. 
 It is estimated that are approximately 3 million sex workers in India at present, an overwhelming majority in the age group of 15-35. While many are of the opinion that legalizing sex work will push more vulnerable women into this field but it must also be understood that bringing them under a framework would also entitle them to legal, financial and health benefits.  
It is important to break the perception that sex workers are perpetrators of crime than being at the receiving end of it.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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