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In the ongoing war against Covid-19 when all focus has converged on attaining patients' recovery, there are little deliberations on the post-recovery stage. A perception has developed among people that once a patient tests negative, it’s all over and there are no dangers to confront. But strictly as per medical science, it’s not that actually and as such the period after gaining recovery is also equally delicate as much it has been during treatment. Acknowledging this necessity, the Union Health Ministry on Sunday has issued a new ‘Post-Covid Management Protocol’ for those who have been clinically declared Covid negative after recovery. This is a useful addition to the existing dos and don’ts in keeping at bay the deadly and still-incomprehensible SARS-CoV-2 virus. Quite a number of post-recovery follow-up protocols including dietary needs have been included, but the arch has been on building immunity. The intention is laudable and to derive the optimum out of it, a prolonged and sustained dissemination campaign will be needed to reach out to the recovered patients, the number of which have crossed the 37 lakh mark by now, thanks to an encouraging recovery rate of 77.8%.

It is understandable why even after a full recovery from infection, health concerns linger. In August end, the news of a Hong Kong man getting reinfected after 4 months of recovery from Covid baffled the medical fraternity. This triggered a shift in focus on what needs to be done ideally during the post-recovery period and a general consensus by medical experts is that it’s the immune response system that has undergone a severe jolt due to the virus which is going to be vital in the long run. From this stage, there has been initiation of hectic activities across the world to weigh the most result-giving options which will boost patients’ immunity. Along with continued usage of mask, hand and respiratory hygiene and practice of physical distancing, the new protocols have stressed on nutritious diet, breathing exercises and herbal remedies to improve immunity. This is apart from the watch to be kept on warning signs like high fever, breathlessness, weakness or unexplained chest pain. While it will be undeniable that social media, in many cases has been used in propagating false theories about Covid, the recovered patients have been appealed to share their positive experiences using social media and through various stakeholders at the community level to dispel myths and stigma.

Although research is going at a hectic speed to understand the virus fully, particularly its long-term effects on the human immune system, it’s still as baffling as it has been 5-6 months before. In this sense, post-recovery management of Covid is equally challenging as it has been in finding a vaccine.

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