14th Dec 2022 10:12:PM Editorials
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The Wildlife Photography Contest  announced by the District Tourism Promotion Council, Kurung Kumey district with the theme - Shoot with camera and not with guns - is refreshing  and much appreciated. The condition that the shooting should be confined to the geographical boundary  of Kurung Kumey district and a copy of which must be geo-tagged will also help in promoting the tourism potential of the district along with wildlife conservation.
A picture speaks a thousand words and has the power to transport people to places they cannot go, and to see things they would otherwise never see - in a way that texts cannot convey. Now more than ever nature needs pictures --not only to showcase its grandeur but also to tickle man's consciousness about its conservation and preservation.
For generations the indigenous community has been hunting; hunting is a community practice steeped in culture and traditions. While our forefathers had great environmental sense and resorted to hunting only during a particular season, or for nutritional purposes with locally made weapons, the introduction of technology which brought air guns and rifles has turned the tables. 
Two factors are largely responsible for the dwindling wildlife of the state; the loss of natural habitat and two, the rampant hunting taking place. In the past, wildlife was a source of sustenance but now hunting has taken the form of a serious problem due to its commercialization. Wildlife is hunted indiscriminately for the markets thus putting them under tremendous strain. 
Lack of implementation of stringent laws in protecting wildlife has further emboldened offenders.
Community participation is vital for conservation efforts to taste success. Authorities need to reach out to people by roping in  community based organisations to spread awareness on the role played by wildlife and the importance of conservation. We seem to be in luck as the young generation with their handy camera phones and fresh ideas can help amplify this important message.


Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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