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In October 2015, Arunachal Pradesh Bamboo Resources Development Agency (APBRDA) had entered into an MoU with the Numaligarh Refinery (NRL) to provide 3 lakh tonnes of bamboo annually. This huge consignment of tall grasses is all headed for the biofuel refinery, the first of its kind in the country, being set up at the Numaligarh refinery in Assam.

The programme is significant, given that, as per the 2009 national policy on biofuel, petrol and diesel must mandatorily be mixed with 10% ethanol and there are talks that it might be increased to 20% soon.

The North Eastern region has optimal climatic conditions for growth of bamboos of different varieties. A versatile plant, it is intertwined with the tribal way of life— its uses ranging from food to shelter. No surprises that bamboo is a major source of livelihood here.

While bamboo based products like furniture, artefacts have made the region famous and earned revenue for its people, the humble bamboo is now poised to take on a different and much significant role if all goes according to plan.

Arunachal has profuse growth of bamboos and if this is harnessed well, it will lead to rapid development in the region. Mizoram has been consciously planting bamboo for a while now and Arunachal must also emulate the same.

Despite having bamboo in almost all parts, the state is still to accord much importance to the wonder plant. Almost all the tribes of the state have cultural, social and religious association with this plant. Among many tribes, bamboo is used in rituals right from birth till death. Its economic importance can be gauged from the fact that it sustains livelihood of many families in rural Arunachal. Its importance in economic life of a person is rural area is same as that of owning a Mithun.

Instead of splurging huge amounts of money on meaningless river and food festivals which only showcases tourism and cultural aspects, perhaps, it is time to move on and organize festivals on Bamboo, fruits etc.

Bamboo is considered as a ‘poor man’s timber’ and with a bit of effort, this plant can change the life of the average Arunachalee.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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