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Teaching as profession has been marred by absenteeism, lack of commitment and sincerity to the profession; involvement in contract works and so on, have blemished this noble profession. The role of teachers as role models for students has taken a back seat. Increasingly, it is seen that teachers are failing to inspire the students to achieve greater heights.

Arunachal is grappling to come to terms with the rot in its education. Enough anecdotal evidences have been around but the shameful performance of the state in the CBSE class X and class XII examinations seals this harrowing deal.

The department of education has admitted that about 900 schools in the interior areas are running with single teacher while schools mostly located in the Capital Complex area and District Headquarters have excess teachers. For a long time, this lopsided distribution has been the talk of the people but none had the figures to back it. But going by the above, the state has a massive problem at hand.

You need two to tango; and teacher’s wayward ways is also largely responsible because of a lax political system. Politics in teacher appointments and transfers is a major reason for teacher absenteeism. The teaching profession here has become a dumping ground for people who often lack requisite qualification as well as passion. Politicians use this sector for gaining political mileage and transfer and postings most often have a political engineering. Deputation of teachers to other departments must also be curbed.

Teacher absenteeism does not just affect quality of education; it is also a huge drain on resources resulting in the wastage of huge chunk of education funds.

The announcement of massive teacher rationalization by the department of education during the vacation months of April-May 2017 is therefore a much welcome decision and will go a long way in not only enabling smooth functioning of schools but also bring relief to many sincere teachers who are manning schools by sheer will and dedication.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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