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The majority of the indigenous community of Arunachal derive their livelihood from agriculture and allied activities. Although hunting and fishing have been a part of life in these parts, it is only recently that fishery as an economic activity has gained importance.
Pisciculture is taking firm roots in the region and people are looking forward to it as a means of additional income.Arunachal is rich in aquatic resources which can be suitably harnessed for the development of fisheries. But in spite of having vast aquatic resources, the region is yet to catch up with the rest of the country in developing its water resources for fisheries. Although Arunachal reached an all-time high of 4.670 Ton in 2019 in fish production, there still remains a good gap between the production and demand necessitating import of fish from other states.
The state government must focus on fisheries production not only to become self reliant but also to become an exporter and generate revenue.
 Fishery sector over the recent years has not only led to substantial socio-economic benefits such as increased nutritional levels, income, employment, but it can also bring vast unutilised and under-utilised land and water resources under economic activity. These measures will boost rural entrepreneurship, enable wealth creation to boost the economy to make especially rural communities self-reliant. Fisheries can become a huge source of generating employment and livelihood as investment in this sector is less compared to the benefits it can give. It can increase protein availability, create generation of rural employment and help achieve the food security goals. 
Arunachal has expansive land and favourable climate conditions to embark full on into fish production. From the paddy cum pisciculture practised by the Apatani community to the trout production in the higher reaches of Tawang and Shergaon and many other places in between, this is one sector which can change rural lives and ought to be of prime focus.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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