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The Statehood Day has always been a red-letter day for the people of the state and besides being a moment of pride, it’s a moment for introspection too. While the ‘introspections’ are round-the-year affairs especially at moments when the ‘deficiencies’ become starkly felt through daily life experiences, on this special day they become deeper. It will not take much pain to read through the minds of an average citizen- it’s not only the urge for on-ground changes, but for  their realization in an accelerated manner. Not just reasonable delays, inordinate delays in coming up of any infra development project have been the inseparable feature in the state for years and this continues till today. While there are always arrays of reasons which have contributed in thriving of the delay culture, for the current generation are a disgruntled lot. Their dreams are genuine and that’s the way they should be. But in a milieu where the limitations are far too many, the majority of them have to recede. Challenging the limitations and the will and energy to overcome them is the need of the time.

Concerted efforts continued steadfastly over a given period of time do have a result-yielding aspect. This has been proved with the state’s faceoff with the Covid pandemic. When it was thought that with an infirm health delivery mechanism Arunachal will be swept over by the marauding pandemic, the contrary has happened. This has been possible with the convergence of efforts by the administration and the cooperation from civil societies comprising the CBOs, student bodies and many others. The genuine will to pull out the state from the ever-cascading danger of coronavirus exhibited by all stakeholders has only made this happen. Amid the sea of negativities the pandemic had posed, it’s perhaps a great lesson the state has learnt. This has to be replicated in all development ventures, if bringing perceptible changes is the objective. It’s hard to cite any sector that is not crying for betterment. While education is feeling the nagging pain, road communication, power, internet, and many more have the same tales. 5G sets are already being rolled out in the market and the country is heading fast for a shift from the 4G bandwidth. Unfortunately, in Arunachal even 3G is still a rarity. Corruption, like the rest of the country is a reality in the state too, but its eruption in sensitive fronts like government recruitments is just intolerable. The state has experienced it and the measures charted and promised in its end must remain intact throughout. The youths must be pulled out from despondency that lures them to the vicious trap of drugs through employment opportunities including creation of an atmosphere that will ensure the ease of taking to entrepreneurship.

Limitations are countless and multiplying. Arunachal’s future can only be better if they are challenged.   


Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
      She is a graduate in Science with post graduation in Sociology from University of Pune. She has been in the media industry for nearly a decade. Before turning to print business, she has been associated with radio and television.
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