28th Apr 2022 11:04:PM Editorials
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The initiative by the Women Cell of the Dera Natung Government College to spread awareness and break the taboo around menstruation through crowdfunding is a commendable effort. Through the money raised, the Women Cell plans to stock sanitary napkins and other women hygiene items to college students in the campus for emergencies.
It is shocking that at this day and age, an important biological process crucial for the very existence of human kind is still looked upon as “impure” and shrouded in social taboos and myths. Menstruation is a basic biological process and to manage it with dignity is the right of every woman. Managing menstruation in a hygienic way is a basic necessity and right for all women, but unfortunately many don’t have the access or are ignorant about the kind of options available.
Poor menstrual hygiene can have adverse effect on women’s health. The field of sexual and reproductive health and rights has not embraced menstruation hygiene management but it should be a part of its expanded definition and agenda because at its essence, menstruation is about reproduction.
Government schools across Arunachal do not have provision of toilets with running water for students. The lack of proper infrastructure with access to clean water and proper disposal causes much ordeal for students attending school during their monthly period. This is also a big reason for girls avoiding school on such days. Provision of basic access to such facilities in schools or places of work is an extremely critical enabler that can contribute to good menstrual hygiene.
The need of the hour is to break the silence around menstruation. True success would be achieved if we see menstruation as a normal process and get rid of all social taboos and myths which make it difficult for women to deal with such a basic and significant portion of their lives. Focus must be on creating better facilities in schools and at the workplace to allow women to go through their activities with dignity.

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
      She is a graduate in Science with post graduation in Sociology from University of Pune. She has been in the media industry for nearly a decade. Before turning to print business, she has been associated with radio and television.
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