4th Aug 2021 11:08:PM Editorials
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The new Union Health Minister has assured all-possible help to Arunachal Pradesh for upgrading its health infrastructure and has committed that the second medical college will be set up in Namsai district. Both the assurances carry far-reaching significance for the state since the Covid pandemic has proved how urgently necessary it is not only to upgrade the decades-old health infrastructure, but also to add new ones. Among the many sectors that need a prolonged attention, its health that will be among the top three of the list and since the political party at the Centre and the state is the same, Arunachal must reap the advantages and feel free to seek more for all big projects and funding for health infra enrichment.
Theoretically speaking, the quantum of resources Arunachal possess should be enough to overflow the state exchequer and dependency on the Centre should turn out to be an optional choice. Hydropower alone can make this happen, but since it’s still a long way to go in that direction, at the moment, dependency on the Centre will remain. However, being the largest in terms of geographical area and strategic location with an ever-hungry China waiting to prowl upon, bringing all-round development in Arunachal Pradesh must be a compulsory task for the Centre. Not only the health sector, all the areas that cumulatively define the concept of development are crying for more in the state. The example of e-RUPI, the cashless and contactless digital payment instrument introduced a few days ago will be sufficient to argue how the fruits of the mass-centric measures launched centrally are remaining out of the reach of the greater number of the state’s people. The first and foremost criteria for a smooth and penetrative outreach of such digital goals is the internet and it’s a harsh truth that due to lack of the facility in the state, it will remain only on paper. A telling revelation amid the ongoing Covid pandemic is that when it comes to critical cases the state has virtually no medical resources to save its citizens and from the State Covid Health Bulletin published on daily basis, it can be learnt that many of such hapless patients have perished while on way to Assam for treatment. This is painful as more than 3 decades have passed since gaining full statehood. Self-sufficiency, cutting across all fronts has remained elusive for the state and there are little signs that the reversal of tide is near.
The Centre must handle Arunachal with extra care and not only a medical college, the state is eligible for an AIIMS, IIT and IIM-like institutes of higher learning. The state deserves such big dreams, however, if it requires bargaining, the state leadership must do so. 

Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
      She is a graduate in Science with post graduation in Sociology from University of Pune. She has been in the media industry for nearly a decade. Before turning to print business, she has been associated with radio and television.
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