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Arunachal Pradesh cabinet approved the Arunachal Pradesh Tenancy Bill, 2022, which aims for creating a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive rental housing market in the state.
The Bill envisages striking a balance on the rights of tenant and landlord and creating an accountable and transparent ecosystem for renting of premises in a disciplined and efficient manner. It aims to provide a speedier dispute resolution framework and is expected to give a fillip to private participation in rental housing for addressing the housing shortage across the state in different income groups.
The Bill aims at creating a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive rental housing market in the country. It will enable the creation of adequate rental housing stock for all income groups thereby addressing the issue of homelessness. It will enable the institutionalization of rental housing by gradually shifting it toward the formal market.
In India, the governing law for the control of rent, protection of rights of landlords and the rights of tenants are governed by the Rent Control Act. A central Rent Control Act was passed by the legislature in 1948. It regulates the rules of letting out a property and ensures that neither the landlords nor the tenants’ rights are exploited by the other.
Currently, each state has its own Rent Control Act which is largely similar to each other. It is important for Arunachal too to establish its own not only to protect landlords and their properties but also to protect the tenant. Under such a framework, tenants have their rights chalked out such as—the right against unfair eviction, fair rent, and essential services,  whereas such an agreement will ensure landlords have their property protected from unfair exploitation. As population and commerce only grow, it is crucial to bring a structure to protect the rights of all involved. 

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