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Dear Editor,

I hope that through your esteemed daily my voice reaches the right people and urge them to take some necessary action. I am quite sure that what I want to say is what all fellow capital dweller want to say because we all are enduring same kind of problems. 

It is not like that, the highway was free of dust before the widening of road started but since then it has become worst. Now, it is more difficult to breathe while passing through it. Dust is everywhere. And since constructions are also taking place on the either side, air is filled with not just the dust of dirt but also a cement sand. Even if we assume that the cotton mask we wear, prevent us from breathing in the dust, what about the clothes. It is only with some miracle that we would be able to reach our schools, colleges or office without looking like cowboys passing through a country side on a horseback. People in the car sure can protect themselves to some extent. But two wheeler riders and pedestrians are forced to endure, the worst places are between the IG park gate and near the Civil Secretariat. 

It has been months since widening of road started with all the demolitions and earth cutting at certain places. Their only measures to check the dust is as one Tempo driver told me is watering the road once in the morning. What about the day, the time of most traffic and most passing people. By then the ground becomes day and dust is all in the air.

I wonder for how long the concerned people ignore these issues. I am curious if they have even care that people could become victim to various respiratory disease owing to the condition of the air. People going to work, college going students, school going kids, we all are vulnerable but our destinations compels us to take these route. We can't change our route and we don't have choice too but I hope that situation will change in coming days.

People supervising the work of on the road have all kind of equipment to move the earth and clear the road of rubble. Don't they have some solution(machine) for checking the dust? And where is Pollutioon Control Board of Arunachal Pradesh?

Every morning we could hear the 'Swatch Bharat' song being played on the IMC trucks as they lift the garbage across the colonies. I am sure that 'Swatch Bharat' also includes 'Swatch Vayu'.

Thanking you.


D. Gao,


Kenter Joya Riba

(Managing Editor)
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